Debut in the title role of Donizetti's Rita

Debut in the title role of Donizetti's Rita

Sara Braga Simões is one of the singers invited for the 2nd series of the International Classical Music Season of Maputo (14th to 18th August 2013). She will make her debut in the title role of Donizetti's Rita. Also in the cast are the bariton Job Tomé and the tenor João Terleira. 

She will also present herself in a recital on the 16th.
16th August - RECITAL
works from Lopes-Graça, Schubert, Mozart, Donizetti, Rossini, Verdi and Lehar.
Sara Braga Simões, soprano 
João Terleira, tenor 
Job Tomé, bariton
Angel Gonzalez, piano 

17:30 p.m. Teatro Avenida, Maputo 

17th August: OPERA Rita -  Donizetti 
Sara Braga Simões, Rita 
João Terleira, Beppe 
Job Tomé, Gasparo 
Angel Gonzalez, piano 

7:30 p.m. Teatro Avenida, Maputo

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