April 2015

Theatro Circo is now 100 years old and I was there to celebrate it!

It was so much fun: 'Operitivo sem calorias', an all'Opera production! We sang 'Happy birthday' to Theatro Circo together with the audience!

Here are some photos!
Deixo-vos aqui algumas fotos!

'Operitivo sem Calorias'

It's Theatro Circo's 100 birthday!!

And I will be there to sing it 'Happy birthday' in a very special way!

'Operitivo sem calorias', 25 th Abril, at 2:30  pm and 5:30pm!

Sara Braga Simões, soprano
Mário João Alves, tenor
Job Tomé, bariton
Ángel González, piano

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