Sara Braga Simões's blog now in english

Sara Braga Simões's blog now in english

From now on english speakers can come directly to this blog to find out the latest news about the portuguese soprano Sara Braga Simões. But we don't want you to miss anything so, here it is: every single message published from July 2007 until today translated for you...

20th March 2008
Photos: Concert in Theatro Circo

Sara Braga Simões (soprano)

Sara Braga Simões (soprano) and Luís Machado (conductor)
Lusocello Ensemble
17th March 2008
Concert in Theatro Circo

Theatro Circo

Lusocello Ensemble

19th March, 9:30 p.m.
Theatro Circo, Braga

Marlos Nobre: Canto a Garcia Lorca
Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras nº5
Marlos Nobre: Canções de Beiramar

Sara Braga Simões, soprano
Luís Machado, direcção/director
Lusocello Ensemble

2nd March 2008
Photos: Die Zauberflöte

Sara Braga Simoes (Pamina)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha

Jorge Martins (Papageno) and Sara Braga Simões (Pamina)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha

Sara Braga Simões (Pamina)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha

Dieter Schweikart (Sarastro) and Sara Braga Simões (Pamina)
Photoby Alfredo Rocha

Sara Braga Simões (Pamina) and Mário João Alves (Tamino)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha

Sara Braga Simões (Pamina)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha

Sara Braga Simões (Pamina) e Raquel Alão (Königin der Nacht)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha

Fernando Guimarães (Monostatos) and Sara Braga Simões (Pamina)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha

Susana Teixeira (Dritter Knabe), Sara Braga Simões (Pamina), Ana Quintans (Erster Knabe) and Carla Simões (Zweiter Knabe)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha
Jorge Martins (Papageno) e Sara Braga Simões (Pamina)
Photo by Alfredo Rocha

16th February 2008
Mozart's Die Zauberflöte in Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

Musical Director: Cesário Costa
Director: Eike Ecker
Set and warbrobe: Kerstin Faber

Pamina: Sara Braga Simões
Tamino: Mário João Alves
Königin der Nacht: Raquel Alão
Papageno Jorge Martins
Sarastro: Dieter Schweikart
Papagena / Erste Dame / Erster Knabe: Ana Quintans
Zweite Dame/ Zweiter Knabe: Carla Simões
Dritter Dame/ Dritter Knabe: Susana Teixeira
Monostatos: Fernando Guimarães
Priester: Luís Rodrigues
Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa

27th February, 3rd March, 20th May at 3 pm (for Schools Only)
29 th February at 7:30 pm; 2nd March, 24th May at 4 pm

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, The Lisbon Opera House
A children's version adapated by eike Ecker (90 Minutes)

13th January 2008
Video Evil Machines

Copy this link and check-out IOL TV's report on Evil Machines:

12th January 2008
Photps: Evil Machines

Sara Braga Simões (Tumble Drier)
Marco Alves dos Santos (Petrol Pum), João Martins and Raquel Camarinha (Parking Meeters), João Merino (Evil Inventor), Sara Braga Simões (Tumble Drier) and Mário Redondo (Evil Inventor's assistant)

Ana quintans (Nancy) and Sara Braga Simões (Nancy's Mum)
Raquel Camarinha (Motor Bike) and João Merino (Evil Inventor)

João Merino (Evil Inventor)

João Oliveira (Plane) and Ana Quintans (Nancy)

Fernando Guimarães (Alarm Clock) and João Martins (Mad Gas Cooker)
João Martins (Mad Gas Cooker), Ana Paula Russo (Telephone), Carla Simões (Egg Whisk), Fernando Guimarães (Alarm-Clock)

José Lourenço, Fernando Guimarães, Raquel Camarinha (Hoovers)

11th January 2008
Evil Machines World First

12st January: World first of Evil Machines, the new Musical Fantasy by Luís Tinoco (Music) and Terry Jones (libretto and Direction). Performances: every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. and Sundays at 5 p.m. until 3rd February.

Evil Machines
Luís Tinoco, Music
Terry Jones, Libretto and Direction
Vin Burnham, Costumes
Paulo Ribeiro, Coreography
Hernani Saúde, Sets
Nuno Meira, Lights
José Luís Ferreira, Sound
Cesário Costa, Musical Direction

Interpretation (by alphabetical order): Ana Paulo Russo, Ana Quintans, Carla Simões, Fernando Guimarães, João Oliveira, João Martins, João Merino, José Lourenço, Marco Alves dos Santos, Mário Redondo, Raquel Camarinha, Sara Braga Simões.
Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa

6th January 2008
New Year's Opera Gala in Teatro da Trindade (Lisbon)

Last 4th January, Sara Braga Simões presented herself in the Teatro da Trindade (Lisbon) New Year’s Opera Gala with Orquestra da Companhia Portuguesa de Ópera, under the direction of João Paulo Santos. Were also solists at this concert concert Elvira Ferreira, Ana Ester Neves, Sónia Alcobaça, Maria Luísa Freitas, Larissa Savchenko, Pedro Chaves, José Manuel Araújo, Carlos Guilherme, Mário Alves, José Corvelo, João Merino and João Oliveira. It was a magnificent opera evening, with a full room wanting to remeber the time when Teatro da Trindade had an Opera Company.

5th December 2007
Des Knaben Wunderhorn in Casa da Musica

Next Sunday, 9th December, Sara Braga Simões will present herself with Orquestra Nacional do Porto, directed by Peter Rundel, in Casa da Música, interpretating some songs of Mahler's Des Knaben Wunderhorn. The portuguese bariton Job Tomé will also be soloist. The concert will be commented by Fátima Pombo.

Casa da Música, Sala Suggia, 9th December at 12 o’clock.
Verlorne Müh’
Der Tambourg’sell *
Der Schildwache Nachtlied *
Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht?
Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen
Sara Braga Simões, soprano
Job Tomé*, Bariton
Peter Rundel, conductor
Orquestra Nacional do Porto (Oporto National Orchestra)
Fátima Pombo, Comments

29th November 2007
Rehearsing Evil Machines

Sara Braga Simões is now rehearsing for the world premier of Luís Tinoco's Musical Fantasy Evil Machines debuting on the 12th January 2008. The libretto is by the famous Terry Jones (Monty Python). It will be a big production of São Luiz Theatre (Lisbon) with choreography of Paulo Ribeiro and Musical Direction of Cesário Costa. Also on the cast are: Ana Quintans, Ana Paulo Russo, João Merino, Mário Redondo, Fernando Guimarães, João Oliveira, Carla Simões, Raquel Camarinha, João Martins, José Lourenço and Marco Alves dos Santos.

19th November 2007On the 21th and 24th November, Sara Braga Simões will interpret Johannes Brahms's Ein Deutsches Requiem (version for four hands piano), a Teatro Nacional de São Carlos’s (the Lisbon Opera House) production.

Johannes Brahms
Ein Deutsches Requiem
Sara Braga Simões, soprano
Luís Rodrigues, Bariton
Kodo Yamagishi, Nuno Lopes, piano
Giovanni Andreoli, Musical direction
Teatro Nacional de São Carlos's Choir
21th November, 7 p.m., Auditorium of Universidade Nova de Lisboa
24th November, 9 p.m., São Roque’s Church.

24th October 2007

Next Friday, 26th October, Sara Braga Simões (soprano) and Júlio Galvão (harpsichord) will perform together in a recital at Temporada de Cravo de Óbidos (Obido’s Harpsichord Festival). The program includes works by Henry Purcell, G. F. Händel and Domenico Scarlatti.
Music for a while
Firest Isle
Tell me, some pitying angel
Sweeter than roses
The fatal hour comes on apace
If music be the food of love

Sonata K115 em dó menorSonata K56 em dó menor

Cantata Lucrezia:
Recitativo: O Numi eterni!
Aria: Gia superbo del mio affanno
Recitativo: Ma voi forse nel Cielo
Ária: II suol che preme
Recitativo: Ah, che ancor nell'abisso
Ária: Alla salma infedel
Recitativo: A voi, padre, consorte
Ária: Gia nel seno
Recitativo: Ma se qui non m’è dato

30th September 2007

After the hudge success of the Opera Gala (Opening Season Concert) in São Carlos, the Lisbon Opera House, where she sang next to Vesselina Kasarova, Sara Braga Simões prepares the concert called Som e Verbo: dois rostos, dois olhares in Culturgest (Lisbon) on the 8th October.

In this concert will be presented works by Pierre Boulez and Pedro Amaral. The Orchestra will be Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, conducted by Pedro Amaral. In this concert will also be solists: Angelica Cathariou, Sandra Medeiros and Ângela Alves. To see the complete program go to:

5th Sptember 2007
A great new season will start for the portuguese soprano Sara Braga Simões with an opera gala in Teatro Nacional de São Carlos (the Lisbon Opera House) together with Vesselina Kasarova, José Fardilha and Carla Caramujo and musical direction of Cornelius Meister.

Also in this season: her debut as Pamina in Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, Ein Deutsches Requiem de Johannes Brahms (for Teatro Nacional de São Carlos), the debut of Pedro Amaral's Opera for Culturgest and also a recital in the Harpsichord Obidos's festival.

14th July 2007
Sara Braga Simões presented herself last Saturday (7th July) in the Concert Rossini’s Evening, the concert debut of the Portuguese Opera Company’s Orchestra, directed by Armando Vidal. In this concert also sang Luís Rodrigues, Mário João Alves, Larissa Savchenko, João Merino, Carla Simões e João Oliveira. Jorge Rodrigues e Carlos Consiglieri presented this wonderfull evening in one the most charismatic places in Lisbon: the Saint George’s Castle.

The program included excerpts of: Il Barbiere di Siviglia, La Gazza Ladra, La cenerentola, Guillaume Tell and L’italiana in Algeri.
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