October 2015


On 7th November, a new experience for me: I'll be part of the multidisciplinary panel that will be discussing on the theme:  “Professional Voice: particularities of multidisciplinary intervention”.
The moderator will be João Olias. Will also be on panel: Clara Capucho, Cláudia Lima and Sérgio Nery. I'm very curious about the end result!

You can check the programm here!

Masterclass in University of Aveiro

I was very happy to be, once again, invited to give a masterclass, in Universidade de Aveiro, as part of the Post-ip '15Post-in-progress: 3rd International Post-Graduate Forum for Studies in Music and Dance - Aveiro
I do love to teach and it was a real pleasure to work with these students!
Here are some photos!

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